June 22–23
We invite everyone interested in building the next web! Join us for two days of hacking and rapid prototyping using the decentralized web stack.
Decentralized Web Hackathon: Storage, Databases, and Apps
We will send you a reminder a couple of days before the event. Ping us on Telegram if you have any questions (en, ru)!
Fluence is a robust distributed cloud
for databases and web applications.
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Arweave enables you to permanently host your static content and pages.
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Build the new Web, one DApp at a time
Web Applications
Create a distributed web application by hosting your frontend using Arweave and deploying the backend to Fluence. For example, you could build a collaborative art platform or a secure decentralized mailing service.
Most applications built on blockchains outsource complex business logic to the centralized cloud. Change that by making your DApp completely decentralized like this turn-based strategy game.
Data Storage and Transfer
The new web offers a vast number of capabilities regarding data management. Take a look at the Chronolock as an example, or try to make a Zapier integration to stream data into an open decentralized database.
Developer Tools
Web3 is a rapidly evolving environment which is still lacking a lot of tools that could make developer life easier. Port your favorite library to WebAssembly or create a browser extension to work with a decentralized storage.
Dive in here and here for more ideas of what can be build with Arweave and Fluence.
Battle Plan
It's a two day hackathon, so feel free to hack overnight. Comfortable working space and late evening food will be provided.
June 22
10:00 Check in, coffee & snacks
10:30 Opening
11:00 Getting started with Fluence
11:30 Getting started with Arweave
13:00 Lunch

14:30 Fluence workshop
16:00 Arweave workshop
June 23
09:00 Breakfast
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Submission deadline
19:30 Awards
21:00 Afterparty!

Dmitry Kurinsky
Fluence Labs
Christopher Heymann
1kx Capital
Andrey Lelikov
Kyle Beckles
Lev Berman
Stepan Gershuni
Petr Korolev
Valery Litvin
Cyber Congress
2nd Place
3rd Place
Do I need any special knowledge or training?
We expect you to understand basics of blockchains and distributed systems along with having some experience at the software development. However, one of our goals is to make DApp development as simple as possible, so if you know just JavaScript, you should be totally fine.
What programming language can I use?
As for Fluence, you may build your app completely on JavaScript and use Fluence as a database. To get more freedom, create your custom backend using TypeScript, Rust, С, С++, compile it into WebAssembly and deploy to Fluence. Learn more here.

Arweave comes with Go, PHP, Scala, and JavaScript/TypeScript SDK that provide a convenient way to interact with the network – upload and retrieve blocks, transactions, balances, all the data.

What if my English skills are not perfect?
The most important is the ability of reading and understanding the technical documentation, the rest is easier. Your project's presentation must be in English, but no worries! The hackathon team and volunteers will be there to assist you to prepare the slides and the presentation.
All that at the very place where the MSQRD was built!
IMAGURU is an innovative startup hub that has everything we might need during these two days of hacking.
Vulica Fabrycyusa 4, Minsk, Belarus
Get directions
Don't forget to bring your laptop and let the hack begin!